Default Router Username & Password

router username passwordAre you looking for your Default Router Username and Password in order to login into your Router’s Admin Panel?

I think it’s your problem right now. We have many solutions for this. What you need to do is just read through this article. And then you can solve your issue yourself easily.

Every Router has its own Router IP Address. Router IP Address is used to enter into the Router’s Admin Panel. Most of the Router has or as their Router IP Address.

In some cases, the Router IP Address may vary, you can check our site if your Router IP Address is different from the above IP Addresses.

If you access your Router IP Address, then it will prompt for the Username and Password. It’s the place where you need to enter your Router’s Username and Password.

The Username and Password of the Router are alike the usual username and password where you use most of the time on the internet. The username and password consist of texts and characters.

If you knew it, you could just log into your Router’s Admin Panel though Router IP Address. If you don’t know or forget your Router’s Username and Password, just read through the article and find your solutions.

Where Can I find the Router’s Username & Password?

Router’s Username and Password is the main thing you need if you want to access your Router’s Admin Panel. Most of the time it’s printed on the Router Information Sticker.

If you can’t find there, you can check the following things to get your Router Username and Password:

  • Check the whole outer surface of the Router. There will be an Information sticker. It will have all the Information of the Router including IP Address, Username & Password.
  • Check the Router Box (The Box where the Router is placed when you bought it). Sometimes they printed the details on that Box, so check it thoroughly.
  • Check the User manual (Catalog) of the Router. Sure you will it find it in your Router Catalog, read it thoroughly.

Well, these are the places where the Router Username and Password will be printed. We hope you find it. In case you didn’t find it, we also have a solution for this.These are some of the famous Router Brands with its Router IP Address Username and Password.

These are some of the famous and common Router Brands with its Router IP Address Username and Password. We hope you find your needed details at least here.

Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
US Roboticshttp://

What to do If I'm unable to find the Router's Username & Password?

There are maybe some reasons like you forgot your Router's Username and Password or you fed with checking for that. Well, we also have solutions for this.

To make it easier for your, we provide you all the Router brands that were produced all around the world with its username and password.

So, that you can check any of the Router's Username and Password by a single click anywhere at anytime. We have a huge database that consists of all the Router Brand with its Username and Password.

Then, why are you waiting, just check it with your Router Brand, then get your Username and Password. Then, just login your Router's Admin Panel and changes the settings as per your need.